We provide day-to-day support to local and foreign companies, of whatever size, and their executives. We advise on all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and give them assistance in times of crisis. As advisers we must above all focus on ways to prevent or limit the emergence or continuation of litigation, whether through prevention or negotiation.

We are also litigation lawyers, recognized as such by the profession and believe that our experience in litigation informs the quality of our advice. We are experienced in national, transnational, and community jurisdictional proceedings before ordinary courts and before arbitration tribunals. We act in arbitrations as counsels or arbitrators and are comfortable with alternative dispute resolution and negotiated justice. For mediated negotiations, one of our partners is a mediator accredited by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission.

We organize internal training courses at client's request and carry out legal studies, particularly of comparative law.

Digital, Personal Data (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Law

Digital, Personal Data (GDPR) and Intellectual Property Law

The Firm is involved in the analysis, negotiation and drafting of IT contracts as well as in the whole issue of electronic commerce (compliance of websites, drafting of legal documents, online payments, general conditions, marketplace, etc).

Intellectual Property:
The Firm advises and intervenes, at national and European level, in all matters and disputes related to trademarks, designs, database protection, copyright and right to the image. It assists clients in the drafting and negotiation of intellectual property contracts and has also extensive experience in litigation.

Protection of personal data:
The Firm offers the following services:
  • complete audit of your company and recommendation report for compliance;
  • Data Protection Officer or support to your Data Protection Officer; the team includes certified delegates;
  • audits, review and negotiation of your contracts (subcontracting, employment contract, etc);
  • drafting of privacy and personal data protection policy and cookie management policy;
  • implementation of pragmatic procedures to respect the rights of data subjects and to manage data breaches and their notification to authorities;
  • impact analyses ;
  • advice on specific issues, etc.