Bienvenue chez LawellMcMiller

Welcome to LawellMcMiller

With many years of experience in various legal organizations in France and Belgium, it was felt appropriate to create a human-sized, independent law firm, ambitious and free, but integrated into a network of carefully selected colleagues to extend the range of legal services if required.

As counsels and litigation attorneys, our concern is to establish a close relationship with our clients by providing them with an experienced permanent contact person.

Knowing our clients, their businesses and their constraints is a fundamental requirement to commit ourselves to them and defend their interests in the most relevant way.

Clients choose us for our availability, our empathy, and our creative and probing approach to the law. We enter legal combat confident that we will demonstrate excellence, style and determination. But more than anything, we strive to think and reflect beyond the legal ingredients and anticipate all issues with the client in order to be more … than just a business law firm.

Success Stories

LawellMcMiller has obtained for a Belgian multimedia group, number one on the magazine market, the first court decision in Belgium extending the accepted reasons for not or no longer having to execute a court injunction to the legal impossibility of being able to comply with it.

LawellMcMiller obtained several million euros in compensation for a large retail company which had rented premises that were later found to be dangerous, and was forced, due to the refusal of its landlord, to take the initiative to remedy the situation itself in order to protect its customers, staff and passers-by as much as possible.

We obtained the denial of a demand for compensation brought to court by several professional football players claiming to recognize themselves in video games published by an industry leader based in the UK.

Our firm acted as national expert before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Tas) in Lausanne in a dispute between a well-known professional cyclist and his former team.

One of our lawyers coordinated the first European Commission comparative law studies leading to the development of electronic data transfer in the Member States of the European Economic Area.

Our firm recently obtained the outright acquittal of a professional cyclist, an Olympic champion, wrongly accused of having bought a victory from one of his competitors.

In close collaboration with our correspondents in Paris, we obtained before the Administrative Court of Toulon (France), the full reimbursement of a General Social Contribution (CSG) applied in violation of European law by the French authorities to a Belgian resident at the time of selling her villa on the French Riviera.

At the end of several legal proceedings, all won, we have succeeded in allowing for the Belgian French-speaking political world, the written press, and our client’s main competitors, new private general interest television channels.

Our firm claimed, defended and obtained a frequency for a new private thematic radio station.

Within the framework of a Council of Europe mission, one of our lawyers assisted in the training of judges of the Republic of Azerbaijan in European judicial practices, and the drafting of the new civil procedural code of this nation.

Latest News

How to get valid confirmation of an online order that will generate a payment obligation?

How to get valid confirmation of an online order that will generate a payment obligation?

"Validate", "confirm", "continue", "book": so many terms are used to take the next step when ordering or booking online. However, not all of them imply that the consumer will automatically be liable for payment. Misunderstandings can then arise between seller and consumer. Contrary to what one might think, the European Union has regulated the mandatory mentions aimed at informing the consumer beforehand that he will have to pay.


Are you still entitled to use Google Analytics on your website?

Are you still entitled to use Google Analytics on your website?

Everyone will have heard about the formal notices sent by the CNIL (and other DPAs) to website managers making use of the #googleanalytics tool. But what, in concrete terms, is the problem with this tool ? Who is responsible for the usage of this instrument and what should you do if you use it for your website? We explain this briefly below.


Three digital developments in company law to benefit your (future) business.

Three digital developments in company law to benefit your (future) business.

The Covid19 crisis has profoundly challenged the functioning of Belgian companies, posing many challenges to their managers whose resilience has been severely tested.